What Are the Top Topics and Cannabis Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond?

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In one of our recent blog posts with a 2022 Cannabis Forecast, we asked the burning question, will this industry see “Record-Breaking Revenues or a Rocky Ride For This Rising Industry?” In this follow-up report, we have another query hot off the press for investors in this exciting industry with the top cannabis trends we should be watching and following in 2022. According to the highly-respected, international, global news network over at Reuters, these are the top X factors to consider when investing in the world of cannabis. 

Are the Feds Still be on the Fence With Regulation(s)?

Not really. This topic brings up another important question, why hasn’t the Federal Government climbed on board with the majority of states, counties, cities, and other entities allowing the use of cannabis for recreational and/or municipal uses. Similar to tobacco, why don’t they simply recognize safer practices, implement necessary regulations, and tax the living daylights out of these practices? It’s complicated at best with politics, and we all know the gears of the US Government turn slowly, but they should be looking more closely at the many benefits and few drawbacks of cannabis. 

What States are Leading the Pack with Newer Legalization?

Many! As some of us are already aware, states like Colorado and California were real trailblazers in the past when it came to making cannabis more commonplace for users in their respected territories. But what about today? Which States are on the horizon for legalizing marijuana and cannabis use in the future?  According to recent legislative reports, we should be examining the recent past and looking forward to seeing what’s unfolding soon since:

  • As it stands today, nearly half of the US population lives in states where cannabis usage is legal (or will be in 2022)
  • In 2021, more than 50 new cannabis-related laws were enacted in at least 27 states 
  • On the forefront of moving forward, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Virginia are leading the list with new legislation, regulations, and requirements inside this marketplace
  • Meanwhile, Delaware and Oklahoma are both poised to pass new laws and legislation pertaining to cannabis products
  • Momentum is building mostly on the East Coast including Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island expected to follow suit

Will Corporate, Political, and Public Support Continue to Grow?

Definitely! It’s highly likely given these trends. In short, support should continue to grow (pardon the pun) today and in the future. A recent Gallup Poll revealed two out of three Americans reported cannabis should be legal for both medical and recreational use. Meanwhile, the Pew Research center reported similar statistics when they published the fact that roughly 60% of US adults agree with these revelations. 

But what about the corporate world, will they embrace this type of growth with today’s consumers?  Another important affirmation comes from Amazon which recently announced that it would be lobbying on behalf of federal cannabis reform legislation. This online sales giant is fighting for the right to be a part of this billion-dollar business. 

Is There a Better Path for Success Using Today's Current Technology?

Absolutely! Think about today’s uncertainties, from the pandemic to tragedies unfolding overseas, the best way for a business to succeed in the cannabis manufacturing and distribution industry is with reliable software in place. 

In other words, using current technology and the most modern software, these tools take the guesswork and daily drudgeries out of running a profitable business model. When you have questions about anything we’ve discussed here, please contact us today. We’re here for you and our team of professionals has the answers. 

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