The Usefulness of QR Codes in Cannabis Packaging and Marketing

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In a world split between the digital and the physical, QR codes are an interesting bridge between the two. Scan a QR code off something in the physical world and jump directly to the digital experience online or through an app. QR codes make it easy to enhance physical products with digital information and to offer unique digital experiences for those that scan your QR codes in real life.

For the cannabis industry, few tactics have more potential for marketing and transparency. This is especially true in cannabis manufacturing where your primary control over the brand interface with new customers is the packaging. How do you show that your brand has rigorous lab testing and excellent results? How do you help customers understand the difference between an energetic vs an inspiring experience? QR codes allow you to create custom landing pages that can direct customers to answers or promotional opportunities they’re looking for.

What potential does QR code design have for cannabis manufacturing businesses? In packaging and marketing, QR codes pack a logistical punch.

QR Codes and Private Landing Pages

First, let’s dive into how QR codes work with private landing pages. A private landing page is a page that doesn’t navigationally connect to the rest of your website. It’s hosted by the same domain and guests can click out to your main page. However, the private landing page makes it possible to create custom onboarding experiences for the select few who are given the link.

QR codes act as a direct graphical link to a specific URL or website. This means when a customer scans a QR code on your cannabis packaging, for example, they are taken to a page that may be specially designed to support that specific product or a chosen promotional offer. QR codes give you the opportunity to tailor the experience of anyone who scans.

Quick Strain and Product Information

So how can you add value to your product and/or gain value for your cannabis company with QR code management? One great way is to provide quick information on the plant, the strain, the cannabinoids, and the effects of each product you make. This information has become a standard set of charts and stats for regular cannabis customers, but it’s also essential for anyone looking to know exactly what they partake in – and perhaps catalog their favorite strain-based experiences.

A QR code on the packaging will make it easy for customers to check in store and at home to find out the strain information and the experience they can expect with quick use of their phone camera to scan the code.

Connecting to the Latest Lab Tests

Many brands build their reputation on exquisite lab test protocols and a steady report/archive system for lab tests. Whether you make your lab records available or hidden, most people just want a quick reference to the lab test that relates to the product they are holding. “Was this tested? Can I smoke/vape/eat it now safely?” is what everyone wants to know. A QR code can make answering that question quick and easy.

Use the custom landing page feature to create a unique fact sheet for every strain you produce. No matter what product or packaging it goes into, the code will always link customers directly to the lab test that assure the quality of each specific product on the shelf.

Cannabis Product Experience Feedback Surveys

With new strains and new concentrate formulas coming out every day, experience reports on the enjoyability of your products can be essential. Do you pay canna-testers? Do you ask friends what it feels like to them? The best way to map out the potential effects of any strain or concentrate product is to compare and explore those elements. But how do you get the feedback to turn into a useful range of experiences for each product?

A QR code can make jumping into and starting a survey a no-brainer task. Anyone who had a good time with your product can scan the tag, sticker, or box to leave a survey response or maybe even a positive public review.

Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty Building

Finally, QR codes are traditionally used as part of customer engagement. Scanning a code might take a customer into their loyalty rewards account – with a few extra points or an opportunity for a discount or prize. Cannabis manufacturing brands can and should build a relationship with customers – especially in the digital era where people and brands connect primarily online all the time.

Build brand loyalty with customers who love your products by providing rewards and engagement opportunities (like a loyalty program) with every new purchase.

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