BI Services

MaxQ Technologies specializes in bringing the power of knowledge to companies through the most efficient BI methods and solutions. Our ability to analyze and understand our client’s needs results in successful solutions that enable companies to innovate by leveraging their own data. 

BI Solutions Fit for Your Business


Our team of certified experts develop software and are aware of the business challenges you may face.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Our BI solutions can be custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your business while remaining easy to use and learn while being affordable.

BI Training

MaxQ can tailor a Business Intelligence training program for your company that includes a training plan for new users as well as ongoing advanced sessions for power users.

Data Warehouse Development Services

MaxQ Technologies’ data warehouse development services allow you to establish your business intelligence strategy faster with the following:

Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency

Our technical expertise working with BI solutions enables customers to launch projects that are simple to maintain and use while being scalable. By eliminating time-consuming aspects of data warehouse development, we reduce implementation fees and improve warehouse efficiency. 

Customization and Expertise

From custom analytics and report writing to SharePoint integration, MaxQ Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your BI program launches on time and on budget.

BI Content Development

Faster Report Writing and Analytics

We’ve acquired a complete library of templates that enable us to provide reports, analytics, and simple query solutions for end-users. Templates can be easily customized for any client’s needs. With full optimization and data extraction services from a variety of SQL-based sources, you have a Microsoft-based platform to continue building valuable content. 

BI Training Services

One common mistake companies make is conducting initial training and relying on employees to pass the knowledge on to new users. Eventually, system capabilities are not fully used since new users won’t have complete knowledge of the system.

MaxQ Technologies provides business intelligence training plans for new users and ongoing advanced sessions for power users. Whether onsite, virtual, or on-demand, we can tailor a training program to meet your needs.

Access Data with Microsoft Office SharePoint

Help every user access key performance indicators (KPIs) and other company data using Microsoft Office SharePoint. Companies use this platform to access shared files, documents, and schedules.

Whether you own Office SharePoint or SharePoint for Windows Servers editions, we can help you make the most of this application and structured query language (SQL).

Provide self-service reporting and reporting services with central report distribution and management

Access and analyze corporate data from Excel and shared workbooks centrally through Excel Services

Deploy Excel based in-Memory Analytics and Data Mining Add-Ins

Create rich interactive dashboards and scorecards

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Configure business scenarios and extend query capabilities with analysis and querying tools.