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The latest trends in e-commerce that have emerged over the last year all center around subscription software services. From the dollar razor club that has been advertised all over social media, to subscriptions of feminine products that made headlines as people were amazed to see such strong interest in such an unusual subscription service, people are definitely willing to pay on a monthly basis for almost anything you can imagine.

In the early days of subscription services, there were mostly fruit and wine clubs. Now, even the food options have expanded with people delivering regional foods all over the country, but the massive subscription trend didn’t end there.

Businesses are learning that software which used to cost thousands of dollars up front can be licensed on a monthly basis through a subscription service. This lowers the barrier of entry for many entrepreneurs and small businesses, while keeping accounting simple for larger companies. In addition to software, online services like meal planning, content services and media services are all available as monthly subscriptions.

The market is primed for even more subscription based offerings. Can what your company does be offered as a subscription?  Think outside the box and you may find a whole new customer base. Before you begin to worry about all the technicalities of offering subscriptions, remember that our subscription software makes it simple for you to offer subscriptions to your customers. You can manage your subscription service, handle billing offer free trials, and send automated communications like invoices and payment receipts all without hiring a new IT specialist or accountant.

Subscription services open up your business to new markets, and subscription software makes it easy, please contact us to find out how simple the transition to offering subscriptions can be

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