The Impact of Great Customer Service for SaaS Providers

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A great product is not enough in the SaaS industry. You need great customer service to follow suit. From the moment a visitor qualifies as a lead until long after a prospect subscribes, your company needs to ensure your providing a stellar customer experience.

Failure to do so means your brand will lose out on one of the biggest competitive advantages in business – customer loyalty.

The Effects of Good Customer Service

A study published in the Harvard Business Review looked at both a transactional business and subscription based business in order to measure the effects of good customer service. The first company found that customers who had the best possible customer experience were more likely to become repeat buyers, purchasing 144% more than customers who had the poorest customer experience. The second company, or the subscription based, found that users who had rated their customer experience as bad had only 43% chance of continuing their subscription for over a year, whereas users who had rated their customer service as great had a 73% chance of continuing their subscription for another year.

Making the Experience Better

When a prospect converts and subscribes to your software, your brand has their complete attention. It’s the first moment where a positive or negative customer experience can determine the length of a subscription and the repeat of a sale. Start by sending your new customers an email and personal thank you, directing them to guides and resources that will assist them on their journey.

Furthermore, ask if they need help or have any questions about the company or your software. You can even recommend products or services to add further value to their initial purchase. Most importantly, always ensure you’re giving the best customer support including services like responsive and efficient email support, live chat, and even a phone line to address urgent issues.

But don’t stop there. Provide something extra, something they won’t get from other companies. It can be a discount, a gift, even a t-shirt, so long as it enhances their experience and their opinion of your brand. Going above and beyond to make sure your customers are happy pays off through their loyalty, setting you a part from other SaaS providers and competition.

To learn how you can achieve the best possible customer experience that guarantees lasting loyalty, contact us and we’ll make it possible.

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