Streamlined Royalty Management for Microsoft Dynamics SL

MaxQ’s Royalty Management module automates the tedious steps required to post and/or pay royalties in Microsoft Dynamics SL. We designed Royalty Management to help companies manage even the most complicated contract situations including streamlined contract management, royalty sales aggregation and processing, statement generation, royalty calculation and payment processing.

Features and Functionality

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Handles an unlimited number of intellectual property codes, licenses, contracts, and royalty payees
Performs cash or accrual calculations per contract
Royalty calculation owed is based upon actual orders or manually entered sales data
Provides comprehensive reporting for audit
Produces detailed reporting statements that include all transactions for license accounting and tracking
Manages various forms of royalties including sliding scale rates, effective dates, and guaranteed amounts
Generates account payable vouchers
Offers flexible calculations: flat fee, fixed amount, list price, net amount or combination
Creation of general ledger entries for accrual of royalties’ payables