The cannabis industry is among North America’s most rapidly growing industries, thanks to the widespread decriminalization and acceptance of cannabis in the US. With that growth comes a need for better and more efficient systems to manage the cultivation, processing and dispensing of cannabis, thus, the advent of Seed-to-Sale software in the form of Cannabis ERP solutions. Cannabis ERP systems designed specifically for cannabis enterprise businesses will address the many unique needs of cannabis companies, from planting and harvesting to packaging and selling.

ERP systems are what drive the Seed-to-Sale functionality in canna-businesses. A cannabis industry specific software solution integrates the management of core processes to streamline all operations, including cutting, propagation, vegetation, flowering, harvest, drying, trimming and more. Seamlessly integrated with standard ERP functionality like financials, inventory, order entry, sales analysis and purchasing, Cannabis ERP systems will provide a complete Seed-to-Sale solution.  Seed to Sale ERP features like built-in best practices, automation of manual processes and support for new regulatory and compliance mandates can help your company transition smoothly through a changing landscape.

Building a Future-Proof Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Solution

As a starting measure, a quality Cannabis ERP system needs to be able to manage the complex inventory of a cannabis business. This includes tracking the type and quantity of the product and where it was grown, processed, and sold. It should also include Seed-to-Sale tracking, meaning every step is monitored, from when the seeds are planted to when the product is sold to the customer. This is essential for compliance with state regulations. Finally, an effective Cannabis Seed-to-Sale ERP system should be customizable and scalable to meet the specific needs of your business. It should be able to manage your unique inventory needs, as well as you’re accounting and sales processes.

Here are Eight Components of a Future Proof Seed-to-Sale ERP Solution for Cannabis Businesses

Cloud Based

Seed to Sale ERP can also support your future-proofing strategies through a cloud-based deployment.  Stand-alone ERP systems tend to depend on complicated hardware and licensing, often accommodating a set number of users. Seed to Sale ERP solutions deployed in the cloud give Cannabis companies much more flexibility and opportunity for growth. They work on any combination of laptops, desktops, and tablets, so adding new team members on various devices is easy.

Cloud platforms also tend to be versatile, with software that adapts easily to updates and changes. They include robust security — in fact, 94% of small businesses report security improvements after migrating to the cloud. Therefore, cloud platforms can support growth and change while offering protection against future threats.


Your Seed to Sale ERP solution needs to scale with your business, growing and adapting as you do. Be sure to choose a solution designed to work just as well if your company expands to cover new markets, teams, and products as it does when your business has a more modest scope.

Ease of Integration

A Seed-to-Sale ERP solution for cannabis businesses needs to incorporate a modern integration strategy.  A quality Seed to Sale ERP solution should seamlessly connect and communicate with the other systems your company relies on such as regulation and compliance platforms.  You’ll be able to keep everyone in your business on the same page and working together, extend your business capabilities more readily and find it easier to pursue new avenues for growth. Be sure your ERP has a design and capabilities optimized for integrating with your other business systems and enabling collaboration across teams.

Real Time Data Access

Employees across your company should be able to turn to your Seed to Sale ERP solution for reliable, up-to-date data and insights. The software should provide access to the latest data analysis and visualizations for use in reports, reviews, and key performance indicator (KPI) assessments.


A Seed to Sale ERP solution needs to incorporate the highest levels of security to keep your organization’s sensitive financial data and client data private. You’ll likely want to choose a solution that has demonstrated compliance with security regulations and best practices and can provide identity management, continuous backups, and timely patch and software updates.  A cloud-based solution addresses all of these issues.

Automated Data Capture

If your Cannabis business is to become more efficient, reduce human error and support future growth, it is imperative that it’s Seed to Sale ERP solution support automated data captures including the ability to read bar codes, RFID tags and QR codes.  Although hardware to support these technologies is readily available, it is important that the Seed to Sale ERP solution support these hardware devices and the automated data capture technology. 


An important element of future proofing your Cannabis Seed-to-Sale ERP solutions is compatibility with mobile devices. Cannabis businesses that don’t incorporate real-time data sharing and mobility, the two major driving forces currently ruling the software space, will continue to lose time needlessly due to inefficient communication and data access. A Cannabis Seed-to-Sale ERP solution that supports mobile devices such as iOS and Android tablets or smartphones will enable users to create, access and share business data in real time using mobile devices. These solutions provide this level of access without a costly investment or the need to make any significant changes to your infrastructure.

Avoid Software Obsolescence

Simply put, a future-proof ERP solution is a modern, cloud-based ERP system that allows you to adapt to changing circumstances.  A great Cannabis ERP system should be based on an open, flexible platform for easy integration with critical third-party applications. It should be updated regularly through continual investments in emerging technology. And it should provide company-wide access—from wherever and whenever—to a single source of business truth. The result is a fully connected business that achieves continuity and resiliency in the face of an unknowable future. Don’t get caught with a point solution with a uncertain future.

Final Thoughts

Seed-to-Sale ERP software systems have proven to be a successful solution for cannabis companies, and as the industry continues to grow, we can expect to see more cannabis businesses adopting Seed-to-Sale ERP systems to manage their day-to-day operations.  In an unprecedented growth phase, it is important for cannabis businesses to choose an ERP solution that is future proof and will grow with your organization as it expands.

If you are in the cannabis industry, partnering with an ERP vendor who can provide you with an industry specific Cannabis Seed to Sale ERP system is essential. Contact us today for more insights, news, or software solutions in the cannabis industry.