Why Choose MaxQ?


Industry Expertise

Over the last 30 years we’ve uncovered significant solution gaps in packaged software for customers.  Most business solutions can handle 80% of your functional requirements, but it’s usually the 20% that are high on the “must have” list. MaxQ has built more than 20 add-on products to accommodate a variety of industry requirements that could not be met through packaged systems. Crafting solutions within a variety of industries has given us the expertise to meet the industry-specific requirements of numerous customers.


A Long History of Successful Customers

MaxQ has been creating business solutions for companies since 1985. We have designed and implemented custom and packaged business management applications for a diverse set of companies that includes Deloitte & Touche, The World Wide Wrestling Federation, Delsey Luggage, Newman’s Own, and eMedia. Across the globe and coast to coast, MaxQ has experience working with companies large and small to assist them in leveraging software and technology to meet their business goals.


Technical Expertise

The MaxQ team consists of individuals who combine advanced technical skills with a thorough knowledge of business processes and operations. Our implementation staff are certified and undergo annual training to ensure we are delivering the technology best suited for our customers’ needs. This skill set enables us to quickly integrate third-party solutions, customize packaged applications, and design custom solutions when the need arises.


Ongoing Support and Guidance

Our relationship with our customers does not stop with implementation. As technology partners and consultants, we develop long-term relationships to further assist you as your business requirements change. Through our Customer Care program, we offer ongoing training, education, and many other programs to assist our customers in leveraging the investments they have made in their business solutions and to help them adapt to changing business requirements.