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QVision is an innovative, easy to use, ad-hoc inquiry and reporting tool that provides secure access to your data right from your browser. This add-on for eProphet provides many different views of your data. KPIs, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Grids, and Pivot Grid views are just a few examples of different options you use to see your data.

QVision Overview

Features and Functionality


QVision provides accessibility to employees and staff in various ways.

Self Service Access to Data

With MaxQ’s Qvision, employees can access a browser that unlocks and extracts corporate system business data regardless of where it resides.

Data Navigation and Exploration

Sales, inventory, and financial data from Microsoft Dynamics and other systems can be accessed. Filter, group, export, and more with the application. Users can use drill back features to launch screens for the system where actual data resides.

Secure and Configure Data

IT staff can efficiently configure business scenarios and provide secure data access for employees. Complete security features enable administrators to choose who has access to data and the level that is appropriate for their role. 

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QVision is an Add-on for eProphet

eProphet from MaxQ Technologies is a packaged BI solution providing role-based business analysis complete with the security, framework, and integration required to help business decision-makers effectively monitor the strategic plan for their area of the business.

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