Product Catalog Management


Flexible Product Maintenance

Product, bundles, meters, and revenue recognition rules.

Easy-to-maintain product offerings, bundles, meters, and revenue recognition rules. Flexible product accounting rules handle even the most complex requirements. Supports both tangible and intangible goods.

Powerful Pricing Options Include:

Complex multi-tier pricing

Customer price classes

Promotions with effective date pricing

Unlimited combinations of one-time, recurring, and usage-based pricing


Bill for any combination of usage-based tangible and intangible items (hours, warranties, licenses, SAAS, copies, etc.).

Bill quantity or change from last reported quantity.

Bill for contracted quantity with different rates for overages.

Roll-over and minimums supported.

Easy to import quantities to update meters.




Bundles are a collection of inventory items that are grouped together.

Can include trials that have different prices and terms than the standard inventory offering.

Bundles also can be set up to show the individual items or only a single line for the bundled item on invoices.

Items can be priced by amount or percentage.

Can include one-time items that will only appear on the first bill.