UPS Worldship Link

Integrated UPS Shipping for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Integrated UPS Shipping for Microsoft Dynamics SL


Automate and streamline shipping tasks and freight cost calculations to achieve the most economical UPS shipping rates. Our UPS WorldShip® Link enables you to easily integrate your UPS WorldShip terminal into the Microsoft Dynamics SL Order Management workflow. With its predefined import and export mappings for UPS WorldShip,our module enables you to electronically transfer shipping information between UPS WorldShip and Microsoft Dynamics SL.  Users also have the ability to link to the UPS Web sites fast, efficient shipment tracking.


Features and Functionality

  • Single point of data entry

  • Simply scanning or typing the Microsoft Dynamics SL Shipper ID passes address information required directly to UPS WorldShip

  • Displays rates instantly via a built-in rate calculator

  • Tracking numbers and package freight costs are delivered back to the Microsoft Dynamics SL shipper for invoicing

  • Freight shop or obtain quotes on other UPS services directly from the Microsoft Dynamics SL Order screen


Advantages and Benefits

  • Enables you to better utilize the functionality of UPS WorldShip by sharing Microsoft Dynamics SL data easily

  • Single point for data entry eliminates re-keying data to/from UPS WorldShip improving shipment data accuracy

  • Obtain better rates through freight shopping and reduce overall shipping costs

  • Seamless integration reduces installation and training expense