Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition

Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition turns Microsoft Dynamics SL into a flexible yet robust repetitive billing system to improve your billing accuracy, revenue flow and customer service.

Regardless of whether you use Microsoft Dynamics SL Accounts Receivable invoicing or Order Management sales orders, this module automates the billing process reducing the administrative effort required to process these billings and much more. With better handling of product bundles, this module makes it easier for you to maintain bundles of items for pricing and deferred revenue recognition.

If you are not a Microsoft Dynamics SL customer and  looking for a complete solution to manage complex billing and revenue recognition check out Advanced Revenue Management from MaxQ


Streamlines Contract Administration

  • Creates contracts that will bill until the contract is canceled
  • Renews contracts easily including the combining of multiple contracts into a renewed one
  • Supports Historical Renewal tracking
  • Generates contracts automatically to match deferred revenue schedules
  • Allows for adjustments in billing periods that need to have credit memos instead of invoices created
  • Accommodates changes in contracts or business policies by revising billing parameters

Efficient Streamlined Billing

  • Easily set up contracts to automatically create AR Invoices or Sales Orders
  • Supports virtually any type of billing for either inventory items, services or projects
  • Automates billing process or capability to place holds for further review and approval
  • User defined billing contracts, revenue types and revenue recognition schedules
  • Generate billings by customers, contracts, contract classes or date ranges
  • Flexible Invoice Scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) or user-defined calendars
  • Automatic invoice notification (with link) to customers or employees via email

Efficient and Automated Processing

  • Automatic Sales Order generation when inventory is required
  • Ability to link to inventory IDs for scheduling any time item is sold
  • Relates to Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Controller for project billing
  • Interfaces with Charge It! for automatic credit card payments
  • Complete audit trail for deferred/unearned revenue accounts