BI Services – Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Services

MaxQ provides business application development services based on leading technology platforms including Microsoft’s business platform (SQL Server and .Net framework). We understand firsthand the importance of utilizing technology that allows you to solve your most complex challenges efficiently and productively.


Designed To Solve Unique Problems

Our solutions are developed to help organizations solve real-world problems, to be more competitive in their markets and better achieve their strategic objectives. Our team of certified experts develop software and are aware of the business challenges you may face.

Installed in organizations worldwide, our software products can be custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your business while remaining easy to use and learn while being affordable. Before releasing any of our products for general use they undergo a comprehensive quality process. It starts with extensive research and planning, followed by testing and quality assurance measures to ensure that we’re meeting our design objectives.


Efficient Outsourcing

If you are considering outsourcing business application development, we can help. Whether your internal resources need help meeting a deadline or you’ve simply had difficulty hiring proven developers that understand the Microsoft business platform, MaxQ can meet your needs as a standalone outsourcing resource or as a seamless extension of your existing resources. If for some reason, you have a business application development project that was never completed; we can help with that too. Our team of consultants has the expertise to review the scope and requirements of the project and quickly advise you on how we can get the project back on schedule and on budget.