Upcoming Trends for the Medical Marijuana Industry

For years on end, cannabis was under tough scrutiny from the public eye. It was perceived as a drug only befitting the scruffy hippies and misfits of society. But with the recent discovery of its vast medicinal potential, the misunderstood plant has finally had a chance to move out of…


6 Reasons Why People Love Subscriptions

Riding this wave of popularity could be one of the best decisions you make for your bottom line. Not only do subscriptions boost your monthly recurring revenue, but they also foster stronger ongoing relationships with your customers and clients, increasing their loyalty to your brand over time.

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Breaking into the Cannabis Industry

It is not a secret that the cannabis industry is a currently booming and rapidly growing sector. In America’s 2020 election, marijuana was a big topic, and there is sure to be a rise in legalization across the country. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 34 states and recreational marijuana has been legalized in 15 states. For business-minded entrepreneurs, the cannabis industry seems like a sure bet and many are trying to break into this growing industry.


Understanding the Many Forms of CBD

As cannabis continues to grow in popularity, consumers are becoming more conscious and receptive to the plant's other medicinal properties. More specifically, people have become enthralled with CBD. At the time of this post, CBD is legally accessible in all 50 states. This has allowed new forms of CBD to become accessible. Companies are now providing Broad Spectrum CBD, Isolates, and Full Spectrum CBD; But what exactly do these terms mean?


7 Great Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI, is a business relationship where a manufacturer or distribution business takes over management of inventory for a retail or wholesaler. Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or other electronic methods for communication, the vendor of the product will manage orders and fulfillment for those further down the distribution chain.