Matrix Inventory Management

Realize significant time savings by automating the inventory entry process and leverage your investment in Microsoft Dynamics SL with MaxQ’s Matrix Inventory Management module. Regardless of the type of product or industry this module supports the flexibility of handling an unlimited number of user defined characteristics and works for a wide variety of product attribute types such as size/color/style and waist/length for apparel, size/width for shoes, or pattern/color for flooring.


The greater number of attributes, the more challenging and time consuming it is to create and maintain these items using manual entry. The Matrix Inventory module facilitates the definition, creation, and maintenance of matrix groups and their associated items. It provides mass creation and update capabilities with all or selected variations of product attributes. Items can be created with user defined, or system generated inventory IDs, and intelligent item descriptions constructed from attribute definitions and values.

Features and Functionality

  • Supports an unlimited number of item groups and attributes

  • Inserts attribute elements as needed for additional product variation support

  • Flexibility to choose combinations of attribute values in the creation of inventory items

  • Auto populates/updates Microsoft Dynamics SL inventory fields with default and/or specified data for product class, product line, list price, base price, etc. for all or selected matrix items

  • Ability to handle the use of attributes with more than one matrix

  • Supports Microsoft Dynamics SL Inventory Lookup by Attribute by automatically populating inventory item Physical Attributes with attribute values

  • Matrix entry screens added to Inventory Items, Sales Orders, Shipping Confirmation, Purchase Orders, and Purchase Order Receipt/Vouchers for multiple quantity entries

  • Matrix Inventory Inquiry display of all items in a matrix group for inventory quantity viewing

  • Creates inventory items with intelligent IDs by combining attribute values, group description, and constants/delimiters or use of system generated sequences

  • Combines attribute captions, attribute values, group description, attribute reference fields, and constants/delimiters when generating inventory item descriptions