Manufacturing & Processing Cannabis

MaxQ Cannabis is a fully integrated seed-to-sale management suite that includes accounting, manufacturing, distribution, point-of-sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, marketing, mobility, warehouse, and supply chain support. In the manufacturing phase, comprehensive production and cost controls enable complete tracking of the extraction, production, testing, and packaging process.

Comprehensive Production Controls

Complete tracking throughout all phases of extraction and production, including recipes, formulas, and test results.


Extraction Management

The system records and streamlines all steps and measurements in the extraction process, including the recording of data for material consumption, finished product weight, and processing time.

Product Production

The system provides a full suite of accounting, reporting, and analytics to streamline production and enable tracking and optimization of manufacturing, packaging, and labeling for the complete spectrum of cannabis products, including buds, edibles, vapes, ointments, and beverages.

Testing Management

The system records all relevant lab results and test data, including ingredient percentages, quality assurance (QA) measures, and the complete/rework process.

Comprehensive Cost Controls

Complete cost analysis throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, including cost tracking for Federal Tax Code 280.

Complete Traceability and Compliance

Provides traceability through all phases of cannabis operations, including harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution.