Software Development

Industry Overview

Billing Management

Software publishers need to focus on devising innovative ways to manage billing cycles. Pricing and bundling is a key component of staying competitive, however, Software publishers often lack flexible systems that enable them to effectively manage their operations along side the many facets of recurring billing and revenue management.

Business Management

Better management and tracking of maintenance, renewal fees, and dynamic billing cycles can provide drastic improvements for cashflow and customer renewals. MaxQ specializes in providing small and mid-sized software publishers with integrated business management solutions designed to automate complex contract maintenance and billing processes.

Flexible Tools for Industry Challenges

MaxQ solutions can provide the tools and flexibility to help you meet the industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities. Our business solutions for software publishers provide comprehensive accounting, order management, and accounting compliance to support the unique needs of these companies.

CRM Integration

CRM integration allows team members to collaborate on deals, assigned tasks, and recorded activities.

Key Challenges

MaxQ helps to solve many key challenges for this industry such as:

MaxQ Solution

Our solution for software development is our Advanced Revenue Management Suite which consists of these modules.

Advanced Billing Logo

Advanced Billing

ARM’s Advanced Billing is the most flexible and powerful billing system available, including automated invoice creation, proration, metered billing, and more.

Advanced Payments Logo

Advanced Payments

ARM’s Advanced Payments provides comprehensive payment automation, including support for multiple payment options, currencies, processors, and more. 

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Advanced Analytics

Analyze every aspect of your billing and payment operations such as renewal rates, churn, ARR, MRR, average contract value, product analysis, lost customers, and much more.

Product Scope

MaxQ's Advanced Revenue Management Suite assists software development in operations that include:

  • GL/AP/PR
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Automated Revenue Recognition
  • Financial Analysis
  • Payroll
  • BOM
  • Contract Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Company
  • Order Management
  • Project Management, Controls, Accounting
  • Time and Expense Reporting
  • Employee Utilization

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