Machinery and Equipment

Industry Overview

Computer-Aided Design

MaxQ business solutions fully integrate with computer-aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD and CAM) while enabling full-featured traceability through all transactions. Fully integrating these two functions enables companies to reduce inventories and improve capacity utilization.

Managing Changes

With a strong need to manage engineering changes we recognize that the right business solution for this industry will assist in eliminating the mountains of paper that traditionally accompany changes in product design.

Accommodating to Various Machinery

MaxQ can provide business solutions for this industry that can accommodate special purpose machinery manufacturing (agricultural, construction, and mining), manufacturing machinery (commercial and service), as well as general-purpose machinery (ventilation and engines).

Business Intelligence

Our solutions can provide machinery and equipment companies with integrated business intelligence solutions giving these companies comprehensive functionality that is both scalable and flexible.

Key Challenges

MaxQ helps to solve many key challenges for this industry such as:

Product Scope

MaxQ's solutions assists machinery and equipment companies in operations that include:

  • GL/AP/AR
  • Assets Register
  • BOM
  • Cash Book
  • Engineering Control Change
  • Factory Documentation
  • Inventory Families and Groupings
  • Assets Register
  • Factory Scheduling
  • Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing
  • Track and Trace
  • WIP

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