Industry Overview

Streamline Operations

MaxQ business solutions for automotive companies address the need to streamline operations in order to better forecast sales, operate budgets, as well as maintain inventory. The ability to track progress on the shop floors, warehouses, and distribution center is required to facilitate better planning and forecasting.

Enterprise System

Using MaxQ business solutions for the automotive industry will provide your company with a complete enterprise system to address agility as well as specify challenges relating to trading partner compliance, recording and replenishment of inventories, as well as intensive customer relationship management.

The Right Solution for Your Needs

We can assist you in selecting the right business solution for your needs. Our industry business solutions integrate with our business intelligence solutions, providing a complete end-to-end solution that is both scalable and flexible.

Key Challenges

MaxQ helps to solve many key challenges for this industry such as:

Product Scope

MaxQ's solutions assists automative companies in operations that include:

  • Job Cost Recalculations
  • Available to Promise
  • Blanket POs
  • Language Translation
  • Planning Bills
  • Progressive Scrap
  • MRP and DRP Combined
  • Kit Issues

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