eProphet for Sales Analysis Acumatica

Designed Specifically with Your Sales Force in Mind

Growing your business is tougher than ever, challenging sales teams to get creative in their approach to closing deals.

Can you effectively analyze sales forecasts, targets, quotas and customer buying patterns?

Do you have a good view into your customer base?

What impact would the ability to identify key customers and understand their changing needs or behavior have on your business?

To remain competitive, any strategic decision taken by your team needs to be based on proof, not guesses.  With the ability to drill down and perform detailed sales reporting, forecasting and analysis on sales-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) including products, customers, performance, margin, and revenue.

With eProphet you’ll be one step ahead of your competition. You already have the necessary data. You just need the right BI tools, like eProphet, to utilize that data in new and more efficient ways:
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Easily generate reports for any time period by salesperson, customer, product, product class, customer class, territory, region and more

Pinpoint backlogs and bookings

Drive decisions from exception based reporting such as orders nearing cancel, customers on credit hold and orders requiring confirmations

Conduct detailed shipping, historical sales and sales forecasting analysis

Identify, track and rank your most profitable customers, products and territories

Gain insight into how products are selling across the company and why

Manage by exception so you can focus on the most profitable aspects of your business

Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Increase customer satisfaction and build better relationships