eProphet for Project Analysis Dynamics SL

Business Analysis for Project Teams and Project Managers

Get the information you need to complete projects on time and within budget every month. Your entire project team will be able to determine which projects are over budget and why, analyze inventory and vendor utilization across projects and identify possible inefficiencies in existing processes. With full visibility into project related metrics, you can analyze employees’ activities and compare how they’re doing against budget.

Project Analysis also facilitates Estimated Actual at Completion (EAC), Forecast at Completion (FAC) and Budget comparisons.

With built-in integration to Acumatica, eProphet provides several advantages for project managers.

With built-in integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, eProphet provides several advantages for project managers
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Easy to implement and easy to use

Built-in metrics and reports specific to project management

Easy access to and usage of archival data

A host of built in reports and capabilities including Employee utilization reports, labor matrix reports, timecard data, and more

Project browsing

Built analysis for project transactions, labor and project profitability

Project efficiency reports by project manager, project type, task, as well as account categories for profitability

Using Microsoft Dynamics Project and Order Management modules, project managers can also analyze sales or project activity using data from Microsoft Dynamics