eProphet 2014

Improved Planning Confident Decision Making

eProphet from MaxQ Technologies is a packaged BI solution providing role-based business analysis complete with the security, framework, and integration required to help business decision makers effectively monitor the strategic plan for their area of the business.

eProphet reduces implementation time and associated fees because most of the time consuming details that impact BI projects are pre-configured and built in.


Built-in integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Acumatica


Provides a framework for integration to any other SQL based application


Role-based analytics and reports provide a templated approach that accelerates the report writing process and reduces implementation fees


An ever-growing library of analytics and reports for Sales Analysis, Project Analysis, Financial Analysis and more

eProphet Role Based Analysis


Business Analysis for Project and Support Teams

The eProphet Project Analysis module is designed to make your project management team more efficient and informed. It comes equipped with prebuilt reports for immediate reporting, and the ability to analyze profitability by project and task with built-in integration to Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP solutions.


Business Analysis for Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales & Marketing Executives need to track effectiveness based on data that resides in CRM systems and ERP systems.  Often these systems don’t natively support the type of tracking, reporting analysis to protect your customer base, identify sales trends quickly or to identify new sales opportunities.  Do you have a good  view into your customer base? Would it be valuable to you if you could identify key customers and understand their changing needs and behaviors? How well can you analysis sales forecasts, targets, quotas and customer buying patterns?


Business Analysis for Financial Teams

The right financial data can help you understand the viability, solvency, liquidity, stability and profitablity of your business.  Thhe right business analysis solution can help you analyze past and future performance.  Whether it’s receivables, aging and credit management or on demand reporting, eProphet can provide you with the Financial business analysis tools preconfigured for key metrics that drive your business.

I want the ability to access and explore a combination of customer, vendor, sales, inventory or other data that resides in one or many applications.