EDI Remittance

Streamlining and simplifying
the payment application process

What is EDI Remittance?

The EDI 820 Remittance module will allow customers and partners to send an electronic remittance advice which will be imported, validated, and automatically processed into an Advanced Cash Application batch.

Key Benefits

Superior Processes

EDI Remittance for ACA enables you to do business electronically with other companies, regardless of the systems or data communications they use.

Greater Optimization

Handles high volume remittance advices from your trading partners around the world.

Seamless Integration

A full featured add-on for Microsoft Dynamics SL and links to MaxQ ACA.

Reduced Costs

Speeds turnaround on payment applications and enhances cash flow. Significantly reduce clerical costs by eliminating manual processes.

Increased Effiency

Eliminate the time delays and potential errors associated with manual processing of business transactions.

EDI Remittance is an ACA Add-on

Advanced Cash Application (ACA) eliminates the cumbersome steps needed to apply and post cash in the Microsoft Dynamics SL Account, streamlining and simplifying the payment application process. ACA simplifies payment application processes, such as charge-backs, multiple write-offs, check level deductions, and more, providing accurate receivables reporting, and detailed cash application—all from one screen. 

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