Dispensary & Point of Sale

MaxQ Cannabis provides a highly integrated system for managing all aspects of your dispensary operations, including delivery, inventory, point of sale, and customer relations.

End-to-End Dispensary Management

Management and point-of-sale elements are fully integrated with purchasing, inventory, and patient management, and the system handles all multi-company accounting entries within the integrated financial system.


Complete Packaging, Inventory, and Delivery Tracking

The system enables recording and tracking by lot number, grower, processor, ingredients, package size and type, and delivery data.

 Integrated Distribution and Sales Management

MaxQ Cannabis enables you to track, manage, and optimize transportation, delivery, and point-of-sale operations, including patient information and customer relations via a customer portal.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Integrated Power BI analytics enable your organization to analyze and generate reports for all key business areas, including accounting, costing, compliance, and traceability. Analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) give you a 360-degree view of your operations for maximizing efficiency. Power BI forecasting enables you to minimize waste and optimize sales.

Open, Future-Proof Platform

Enables you to use virtually any hardware to enter orders quickly, check buying limits, print labels, calculate change, and print receipts.