Debit Credit Logic

Simplified inter-company accounting for consolidations

What is Debit Credit Logic?

Reclassify credit balances to the liabilities section of the balance sheet for reporting. 

Debit Credit Logic is used to simplify intercompany accounting for consolidations.  Most intercompany modules determine the asset or liability account to book an amount on whether the transaction is debit or a credit.  This can lead to net credit balances showing on asset section and debit balances showing on the credit section of a balance sheet.

Debit credit logic solves this issue by using a single due to/from account for each intercompany relationship.  For each reporting period any credit balances in the account are automatically reclassed from the asset section to a corresponding liability account that is configured on the Chart of Account in Acumatica. 

Similar to Equity Pickup and Eliminations, Debit Credit Logic an be run multiple times in a fiscal period.  Previous entries for the same fiscal period are reversed and the amounts are recalculated.

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