Cannabis Cultivation

MaxQ Cannabis helps you maximize efficiency at every point of the growth process. The feature-rich and tightly integrated solution gives you complete control—with cost analysis—of every batch and plant throughout the growing process, including propagation, vegetation, flowering, and harvesting. The system’s flexible, modifiable business processes enable you to streamline processes, maximize yields, and minimize costs.

Comprehensive Production Controls

Enable complete tracking of the entire growth process, including plant genealogies, cultivation, harvesting, drying, curing, and trimming. All relevant data is recorded, including byproducts, trimmed weight, dry times, wet weight, dry weight, and lot numbers.

Complete Cost Controls

Enable complete cost analysis of every batch and plant throughout the growth process. The system tracks the cost of goods sold for federal and state reporting, including full data tracking to meet Federal Tax Code 280E requirements.

Integrated RFID & Barcode Data Collection

Streamline the weighing process, including the assigning and reading of plant tags using RFID and barcode readers to quickly and easily collect tag data. The system automatically compares RFID readings with your inventory quantities and the amounts reported to governmental agencies.

Automated Data Management and Record Keeping

Accurately records quality-assurance and production data such as potency, wet weight, dry weight, etc.  You need only enter data once and transactions will be automatically reported to government agencies.

Complete Traceability and Compliance

Provides traceability through all phases of cannabis operations, including planting, harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution.

High Scalability

 Designed to serve the needs of even the largest and most demanding cannabis manufacturers, MaxQ Cannabis can provide the same state-of-the-art integration, automation, and profitability boosting advantages to cannabis businesses of any size.