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What is Charge It! ?

MaxQ’s Charge It! streamlines credit card processing by eliminating the need to access multiple systems, reducing redundant tasks, and improved accuracy. By automating and streamlining credit card processing, Charge It! speeds up the process and reduces mistakes that can be made using systems that require manual processing.

Key Benefits and Features

Supported Encryption

Charge It! Supports the Following Types of SQL Server Encryption

Users need to be on Charge It! versions 7.4.0/8.1.0 (or later), in order to utilize the latest security features of the application. Charge It! security features were created based on requirements from PA-DSS v1.1, which is issued by the PCI Security Standards Council. 

AES 256-bit Encryption

AES 256‐bit encryption is used for SQL Server 2005 or later and SQL Server is installed on a machine running Windows Server 2003 or later.

Triple DES Encryption

Triple DES encryption is used for SQL Server 2005 or later and SQL Server is installed on a machine running a Windows version earlier than Windows Server 2003.

MaxQ Charge It! and PA-DSS Requirements

PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard)

MaxQ Charge It! is designed to meet the Payment Applications Data Security Standards (PA-DSS). In order to be PCI compliant, most merchants need to use payment applications which meet these PA-DSS requirements.

The following security features have been built into MaxQ Charge It!

  • Strong encryption
  • Users have the option to not store CVV/CVV2/CVC2/CID data
  • Purging of credit card and transaction data is allowed
  • If properly configured, an audit trail of all user actions is kept

Before You Select A Credit Card Processing Solution

Before using MaxQ Charge It!, customers should ensure that their corporate platform and environment is configured to meet the requirements of PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard).  We’ve included several requirements here, however you should confer with your payment processing vendor for additional updates and requirements.

Security and Controls Required for Successful Processing

  • Encryption methods using SQL Server
  • Pre-approval of transactions & optionally deducts credit fees automatically
  • Allows for deferred transactions – when credit card information is retrieved on a web site, the order can be created later with automatic matching
  • Uses Address Verification Service (AVS) to confirm legitimacy of transactions
  • Places automatic hold on rejected credit card transactions
  • Produces Credit Card Rejection Reports
  • Credit card auditing
  • Enhanced credit card purging

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