Digital Transformation – Is traditional ERP dead?

New ERP functionality often appears first as cloud applications, not on-premises, as businesses embrace a multi-cloud world of integrated capabilities. Drivers include but are not limited to business agility and mobility to access and analyze massive data sets in near real-time across multiple systems from any device. Another driver behind…


The Role of ERP in Digital Transformation

An effective Digital Transformation aims to have a consolidated view of operations, processes, data, and people across an entire organization.  It enables businesses to make sound decisions and optimize resources at every stage in the value stream.  To achieve a successful Digital Transformation, enterprises need to adopt a Cloud based…


7 Great Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI, is a business relationship where a manufacturer or distribution business takes over management of inventory for a retail or wholesaler. Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or other electronic methods for communication, the vendor of the product will manage orders and fulfillment for those further down the distribution chain.