Cannabis Information by State: Washington

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Like most states, Washington requires a state license to engage in commercial cannabis activity. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis regulates the state’s marijuana program. 

Available licenses include: 

  • Producer License
  • Processor License
  • Retailer License
  • Transportation License
  • Marijuana Research License
  • Cooperatives Registration
  • Reinstate Retail Cannabis License

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Regulations and Compliance

Regulatory requirements include:

  • Environmental permitting
  • Land-use regulations
  • Business licensing
  • Building/fire codes
  • Hazardous materials storage and use
  • Solid waste handling
  • Air Quality Permits
  • Water Quality Permits

Check with your local jurisdictions for additional regulations.

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Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and labeling must: 

  • Be child-resistant (for edibles, tinctures, capsules, and concentrates)
  • Provide the number of servings, amount per serving and serving size
  • Include the universal symbol
  • Include the Not for Kids warning symbol (products for oral ingestion) 

Packaging and labeling must not:

  • Include claims that are false or misleading
  • Include designs, cartoons, or illustrations that make it appealing to children
  • Include elements that resemble a non-cannabis consumer product marketed to people under the age of twenty-one.

Additionally, packaging and labeling requirements are indicated for each type of cannabis product. Visit the the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board’s official website for detailed information about requirements as well as packaging and labeling checklists.

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Business and Advertising

Advertising may not:

  • Be false or misleading
  • Promote overconsumption
  • Represent therapeutic effects
  • Depict the consumption of marijuana
  • Use toys, cartoons, images, or designs to appeal to individuals under the legal age to consume marijuana
  • Be within one thousand feet from a school, playground recreation center, childcare center, park, library or arcade
  • Be on a private vehicle or public transportation
  • Target individuals outside of the state of Washington
  • Exclude a statement that marijuana product may only be possessed and purchased by people twenty-one years of age or older

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*Disclaimer: Cannabis laws vary by state and are subject to frequent changes. This article is intended to provide general information and is not a substitute for legal counsel or binding business advice. Please consider consulting a Washington lawyer for more information. 

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