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Like most states, Vermont requires a state license to engage in commercial cannabis activity. The Vermont Marijuana Registry (VMR) regulates the state’s medical marijuana program.

At this time, the VMR only licenses dispensaries. As recent legislation takes effect, the Cannabis Control Board will be responsible for adult-use and medical cannabis in Vermont, issuing licenses to retailers, cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, and laboratories.

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Regulations and Compliance

The DMR tracks the number of registered patients who have designated each dispensary and issues a written statement to each dispensary identifying the number of registered patients who have designated that dispensary, including their ID numbers and expiration dates. The department also provides written notice when a patient designates or de-designates that dispensary or loses their status as a registered patient.

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Packaging and Labeling

Registered dispensaries must package all marijuana dispensed in an envelope or other container intended for sale.

The label on the packaging must include:

  • The strain of marijuana
  • The weight of marijuana contained in the package
  • A statement that the State of Vermont does not attest to the medicinal value of cannabis
  • A statement that is product is not for resale
  • Clearly identify that “marijuana” is contained in the packaging

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Business and Advertising

A registered dispensary may not advertise through any means. This includes electronic means and social media, as well as advertising the result of customer satisfaction surveys. Dispensaries may not advertise the location of their business or any information that would identify them as a registered dispensary. Their signage may contain only text, no pictures, symbols, or logos. Additionally, all delivery vehicles must be discreet and display no advertising, logos, or distinguishing features.

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*Disclaimer: Cannabis laws vary by state and are subject to frequent changes. This article is intended to provide general information and is not a substitute for legal counsel or binding business advice. Please consider consulting a Vermont lawyer for more information. 

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