Cannabis Information by State: Michigan

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Like most states, Michigan requires a state license to engage in commercial cannabis activity. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency, also known as the MRA regulates Michigan’s adult-use and medical marijuana facilities as well as licensees.

Types of Licenses include:

  • Marihuana Grower
  • Excess Marihuana Grower
  • Marihuana Event Organizer
  • Marihuana Microbusiness
  • Marihuana Processor
  • Marihuana retailer
  • Marihuana Safety Compliance Facility
  • Marihuana Secure Transporter
  • Temporary Marihuana Event

*Both “marijuana” and “marihuana” are acceptable spelling. While the spelling with a “j” is more common, Michigan uses the spelling with an “h” for formal legal communication and the spelling with a “j” for informal communications.

Regulations and Compliance

The MRA requires all licensees to use Metrc’s seed-to-sale tracking system to ensure that adult-use and medical cannabis/cannabis products are safely tracked and monitored prior to sale. Companies who engage in commercial cannabis activity must use Metrc, the state-designated cannabis tracking system to track, record, and report inventory. Since remaining compliance includes tracking and reporting everything down to the gram, automation is essential for saving time and cutting costs. Implementing an ERP system designed for the regulations and supply chain of the cannabis industry will help your business survive and thrive.

Metrc Certified

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Packaging and Labeling

All packaging for retail sale of medical or adult-use marijuana must contain a label including:

  • THC and CBD concentration
  • The name of the marijuana infused product
  • The ingredients
  • The net weight or volume of the product
  • Allergen labeling and expiration date (for edibles)

Additionally, packaging of edible marijuana must be opaque and child resistant. If the product contains more than one serving, it must be in a resealable package or container. Bags, containers, or packaging must include the universal symbol when applicable. Edible marijuana product packages cannot be in a shape or labeled in a way that would appeal to minors. The label and packaging may cannot have any design, cartoons, caricatures, or toys associated with it that would appeal to minors.

Business and Advertising

Like other states, the MRA defines advertising restrictions that proprietors must follow. This includes:

*Disclaimer: Cannabis laws vary by state and are subject to frequent changes. This article is intended to provide general information and is not a substitute for legal counsel or binding business advice. Please consider consulting a Michigan lawyer for more information. 

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