Business Solutions for Software Publishers

Improved Profitability through pricing management, billing management and streamlined operations.

Industry Overview

Software publishers need to focus on devising innovative ways to manage billing cycles.  Pricing and bundling is a key component of staying competitive,however, Software publishers often lack flexible systems that enable them to effectively manage their operations along side the many facets of recurring billing and revenue management.

Better management and tracking of Maintenance, Renewal Fees, and dynamic billing cycles can provide drastic improvements for cashflow and customer renewals.  MaxQ  specializes in providing small and mid-sized software publishers with integrated business management solutions designed to automate complex contract maintenance and billing processes.

MaxQ solutions that can  provide the tools and flexibility to help you to meet the industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities. Our business solutions for Software Publishers provide comprehensive accounting, order management, and accounting compliance to support the unique needs these companies.

Key Challenges

Software publishers and other information providers looking to replace their existing business solutions usually have challenges in the areas of managing billing processes, enhancing compliance initiatives and complex revenue accounting.
Advanced Revenue Management, from MaxQ, helps to solve these and many other key challenges for this industry:

Effective management of revenue accounting associated with deferrals, scheduling, allocation and recognition

Time consuming, manual processing of repetitive renewals, repetitive billing and associated revenue recognition.

Support of VSOE SOP 97-2, 98-9, and 81-1

Managing and tracking customer assets with associated contracts and billing cycles.

Ability to manage and accurately facilitate one-time, recurring and variable billing processes.

Visibility to accurate revenue forecasts based on recurring revenue recognition*Customizing invoices for clients.

Inability to effectively and efficiently manage and process multiple revenue streams with varying billing components.

Difficult to calculate but important KPIs and metrics such as Churn, Renewal Rates, Annual or Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Product Scope

Advanced Revenue Management from MaxQ is our comprehensive solution to assist Software Publishers in managing the complete operations of the business including:


Automated Recurring Billing

Automated Revenue Recognition

Financial Analysis



Contract Management



Order Management

Project Management, Controls, Accounting

Time and Expense Reporting

Employee Utilization