Business Solutions for Industrial Distribution

Industrial distributors are continually faced with escalating demands from their large customers. Predicting and responding to customer demand is never easy and there is a constant struggle with having too much or too little inventory. Many outdated systems have difficulty or are unable to provide the functionality needed to identify slow moving products or those which are out of stock. Inept system performance frequently results in many industrial distributors facing discounting, charge-backs, increased inventory costs, and ultimately the loss of customers. Those who are unable to endure the intense strain are ultimately left behind.

Industry Overview

MaxQ has solutions that can  provide the tools and flexibility to help you to meet the industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities. Our business solutions for Industrial Distributors integrate with our Business Intelligence solutions providing companies with a complete, comprehensive industry solution.

Key Challenges

Shrink Inventory Management Costs Exceed Customer Expectations

Solutions for Industry Distributors must help you gain a strong position as a low-cost, preferred supplier while creating additional value to your customers. By implementing a supply chain management solution coupled with inventory control technology, distributors have the ability to increase the speed of delivery and shorten lead times with improved inventory turns and accuracy of order-fill rates. With over 20 years of experience serving the industrial distribution industry, MaxQ continues to help industrial distributors to:

Extend the flexibility and visibility of current systems

Meet and exceed customer service expectations

Lower inventory management and internal operations costs

React more quickly to changing customer and market demands

Using our solutions for industrial distributors, teams across your entire organization are empowered to drive more profitability and productivity. Your sales force can integrate their customer relationship management tools with quotations, billings, and manufacturing. Your warehouse manager can accurately track shipping and delivery of parts by integrating Automatic Data Collection (ADC) functionality with ERP. Your management team can utilize intelligent knowledge management to identify opportunities for new products and services to be offered. And our business intelligence solution can provide one connected system that allows for company-wide reporting and analysis from a single data view.

Product Scope

Our comprehensive solutions for Industrial Distributors assist companies in managing the complete operation including:


Assets Register


Cash Book

Engineering Control Change

Factory Documentation

Inventory Families and Groupings

Inventory Forecasting

Factory Scheduling

Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing