Business Solutions for Electronics

To successfully compete, Electronics companies require a comprehensive, yet easy to manage business solution that accurately monitors every process from product engineering design to purchasing to traceability. Built on a flexible architecture, and configured for the needs of electronics companies, our solutions can assist companies achieving and maintaining efficiencies in both operations and regulatory compliance.

Industry Overview

In today’s volatile electronics manufacturing industry, efficiency is critical. Challenges such as

Rapid product obsolescence

High product development and capital costs

Pricing pressures

Quality control

Emerging concerns on financial compliancy

Traceability and changing regulations

Key Challenges

MaxQ can assist chemical companies in managing some of their unique challenges including:

Design Control

Extensive design control system allows you to manage incoming/receiving and in-process inspections, electronic digital signatures, materials and quality dispositions along with complaint tracking and non-conformance reporting.

Document Control

Maintain an accurate and up-to-date system with document control, engineering change controls, process instruction sheets, maintenance & repairs, as well as health & safety.

Purchasing Control

Manage your approved vendor list, inspections, work in process (WIP) and audit trails, as well as get insightful reporting on trend analysis, supplier performance and corrective actions.


Comprehensive inventory management system enables better batch/lot and serial tracking, lot traceability, shelf life expiration monitoring, FIFO/LIFO, bar code identification, and more inventory and distribution control capabilities.

Compliance & Regulations

Facilitate compliance with recall processes, ISO compliance and other the stringent requirements of regulators domestically and abroad. Agility and speed in getting to market are critical in this industry, to meet the challenges of constant product innovation, short product life cycles, high levels of obsolete inventory and complex supply chains.

Product Scope

Our comprehensive solutions for the Chemical Industry assists companies in managing the complete operation including:


Assets Register


Cash Book

Engineering Control Change

Factory Documentation

Inventory Families and Groupings

Inventory Forecasting

Factory Scheduling

Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing

Engineering Control Change