Business Solutions for Consumer Goods

Business Solutions for the Consumer Goods industry must address manufacturing, marketing and the distribution of fast-moving products to meet your customer’s ever-changing demand. The ability to improve operational efficiencies and productivity is key to staying competitive. By improving visibility across the supply chain and enabling quick response to shifts in demand, Consumer Goods companies can meet some of the most difficult challenges facing this industry.

Industry Overview

MaxQ business solutions for the Consumer Goods industry address the need for a variety of manufacturing methods such as Make-to-stock, Make-to-order and Configure-to-order but also address those companies that are combination manufacturer-distributors.  Using MaxQ Business Solutions for the Consumer Goods industry provides a complete enterprise system to address agility as well as specific challenges relating to trading partner compliance, pricing and promotions, and intensive Customer Relationship management.

We can assist you in selecting the right business solution for your needs. MaxQ industry business solutions integrate with MaxQ Business Intelligence Solutions providing a complete end-to-end solution that is both scalable and flexible.

Key Challenges

Inventory management, customer service, and cash flow are typical challenges facing Consumer Goods companies. The business solutions we offer can maximize supply chain velocity by optimizing and synchronizing supply and demand information. Our complete integrated CPG solutions can help address:

Planning Challenges

Best estimates for future demand
What to promote when
What is most profitable mix of inventory

Execution Challenges

Managing warehouse operations to minimize labor and space
Creating production schedules to support on-time deliveries while minimizing operating expenses
Managing procurement to take advantage of quantity buys and still support  manufacturing operations schedules

Transaction Challenges

Communicating and collaborating with vendors and partners efficiently
Identifying profitable customers
Easy access and notifications of transaction status

Product Scope

Our comprehensive solutions for Industrial Distributors assist companies in managing the complete operation including:

The ability to record the manufacture of items without creating work orders

Demand Planning

Dangerous Goods Processing Requirements

Pricing & Promotions/Rebates & Discounts

MRP and DRP Combined

Load Planning

Kit Sales

Warehouse Management

Business Intelligence