Business Solutions for Chemical

Whether you supply commodity, intermediate or tertiary products, our solutions have the flexibility to help you meet the chemical industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities. Low margins and high fixed costs in the industry mean that tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations are essential to maximize your profits in a competitive environment.

Industry Overview

MaxQ Business Solutions for the Chemical Industry address the need to maximize manufacturing efficiencies while maintaining flexibility. Improving customer relations and service levels in this competitive industry can help chemical companies gain  competitive advantages.

MaxQ Business Solutions for the Chemical Industry will give your company a complete enterprise system to achieve agility as well as address specific challenges relating to the detailed management of raw, processed, and hazardous materials.

We can assist you in selecting the right business solution for your needs. Our Industry Business Solutions integrate with our Business Intelligence Solutions to provide a complete end-to-end solution that is both scalable and flexible.

Key Challenges

MaxQ can assist chemical companies in managing some of their unique challenges, including:

Managing Byproducts

Our solutions provide a mechanism for configuring the manufacture of multiple items against a single bill of materials, including those products that result from the manufacturing process but are not included in demand planning.

Managing Large and Diverse Inventories

Whether you stock, sell, purchase, or manufacture items by unit, weight, volume, pack, or container size, multiple units of measure per stock item give you the flexibility to accurately record and track stock quantities. Product version control is automated, while extensive master data enables you to define parameters for transacting in sales, purchasing, and manufacturing.


Whether a compliance-critical requirement or an analysis tool for continuous improvement strategies, the traceability of products from material origins through manufacture to final destination is a key system requirement in many industries.

Product Scope

Our comprehensive solutions for the Chemical Industry assists companies in managing the complete operation including:


Assets Register


Cash Book

Engineering Control Change

Factory Documentation

Inventory Families and Groupings

Inventory Forecasting

Factory Scheduling

Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing

Engineering Control Change