AP/PR Laser Checks with Positive Pay

Save Time, Save Money, and Increase Security

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What is AP/PR Laser Checks with Positive Pay?

AP/PR Laser Checks with Positive Pay is a module integrated with Acumatica that allows you to create and print checks for an unlimited number of bank accounts with custom logos, signatures, and bank information quickly and easily. Save time and money by printing accounts payable (AP) and payroll (PR) checks on blank stock rather than preprinted checks.

Features for Maximum Performance

Flexible Formatting

Print accounts payable (AP) checks in 6 formats and payroll (PR) checks in 2 formats to fit different check stock layouts.


Adjust settings to require up to three signature lines. Print signatures automatically or manually.

Integrated Positive Pay

Automatically send a list of issued checks to the bank for comparison against checks presented for payment.

Print Copies

Print duplicate checks in the initial run or later on. Copies include a watermark to keep as records.

MICR Fonts

AP/PR Laser Checks provides the correct font and size to comply with MICR standards.

Customizable Valid Messages

Customize valid messages you would like to appear on the check that states the conditions for the check to be valid.

Secure Your Checks

AP/PR Laser Checks with Positive Pay can increase security with these measures:

Integrated Positive Pay

What is it?

Integrated Positive Pay is a simple but effective form of check fraud protection.

The bank receives a file with the check’s account number, date, and dollar amount for each check issued. The bank compares the checks presented for payment against this list. If there is a discrepancy, the bank will not clear the check.

MaxQ's Solution

With a simple setup, AP/PR Laser Checks creates a positive pay file and can automatically or manually send it to the bank. This creates more security and protects you from fraud.

Positive Pay File Formats

MaxQ's AP/PR Laser Checks with Positive Pay supports file formats for the following banks:

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