Advanced Revenue Management

A solution for companies with recurring billing and revenue recognition requirements

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What is Advanced Revenue Management?

MaxQ Technologies’ Advanced Revenue Management is a modular suite designed to meet the needs of companies that manage billing and revenue cycles as well as subscription plans, membership fees, dues, and license agreements. The application can provide automated accounting based on the rules you define. You can also designate mixed time periods for billing and revenue recognition such as bill annually/recognize monthly, bill quarterly/recognize monthly or any other combination you choose.
Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL, Advanced Revenue Management includes modules such as Recurring Billing/Revenue Recognition, Document Agent, QVision, and the option of Charge It!. With the ARM suite, companies can better manage recurring billing and revenue cycles efficiently. 

Core Components

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Charge It!

The module for automated credit card processing.

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Recurring Billing

A billing system to improve your billing accuracy, revenue flow, and customer service.

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Document Agent

Fax and/or email Order Management, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, and Flexible Billing documents to customers and suppliers.

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An innovative, easy to use, ad-hoc inquiry and reporting tool that provides secure access to your data right from your browser.

Features for Maximum Performance

Creates contracts that will bill until the contract is canceled

Generates contracts automatically to match deferred revenue schedules

Allows for adjustments in billing periods that need to have credit memos instead of invoices created

Renews contracts easily including the combining of multiple contracts into a renewed one; Historical Renewal Tracking also available!

Generates billings by customers, contracts, contract classes or date ranges

Automatically alerts end user when billing process is complete

External contract interface for full integration with web sites and external systems

Flexible invoice scheduling (daily, monthly, bi-monthly, etc) or user-defined calendars

Financial Management

  • Automate and streamline the processing of recurring billing/invoicing and revenue recognition
  • Compare forecasts with budgets and expenses
  • Improve cash flow
  • Automated processing of deferred and recognized revenue
  • Apply billing and revenue recognition schedules by month, quarter, or year as well as customized time-periods
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Integrated web-based reports and analysis of recurring billing and associated revenue
  • Automated distribution of electronic documents from Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Establish flexible billing schedules separate from revenue recognition rules, to enable compliant, customer-specific requirements
  • Easily manage complex product and pricing models: software licenses, recurring subscriptions, maintenance agreements, bundled items, and complex discount arrangements
  • Easily process subsequent modifications with the ability to pause, resume, modify and cancel billing contracts and/or revenue recognition schedules already in progress
  • Maximize contract renewal revenue with automated scheduling and management of renewal activities

A great solution for companies that offer:

Advanced Revenue Management

With ARM, companies can better manage recurring billing and revenue cycles. Our comprehensive business solution combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics SL with MaxQ-developed solutions to help companies improve profitability, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction while helping them to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.

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