Advanced Payments

Save time and improve cash flow while taking
pain out of processing payments

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What is Advanced Payments?

MaxQ’s Advanced Payment module provides comprehensive payment automation that supports ACH and credit card payments as well as multiple currencies and processors.

The AR collections capabilities improves payment collection efforts, saving time and improving cash flow.

MaxQ’s additions to the Customer Portal lets customers manage their own payments by adding or changing payment methods and paying invoices

Features for Maximum Performance

Credit Card and ACH Payments

Automatically process your customers’ credit card or ACH/EFT payments.

Full Payment Support

Store multiple credit cards and bank accounts by customer and allow a different processor for each of the customer's payment options.

Flexible Payment Scheduling

Pre-Bill, Post-Bill, or use AD-Hoc schedules to accept payments from your customers, including partial and advanced payments.

Consolidate Payments

Consolidate multiple invoices to a single payment to create fewer records and avoid unnecessary charges.

Automatic Bank Deposit Record

Automatically create a bank deposit record after a processing a payment, saving you time and effort.

Automatic Retries

Setup up payments to make automatic retries to reduce the number of failed payments. Configure to automatically charge fees after a failed attempt.

Generate Payments with Contracts

Integrates with Advanced Billing’s Contracts module to automatically process the payment when the contract and invoice are generated.

Customer Payment Notification

Alert your customers when their payment is being processed to minimize chargebacks and reduce failed payments.

Supported Payment Processors

Key Benefits

Make payments efficiently and safely

Customer Payment Processing Portal

What is it?

Acumatica’s Customer Portal with MaxQ’s customizations gives customers more control over their account information. In the portal, customers can view sales orders, invoices, credit memos, and payment methods for a seamless payment experience.

MaxQ’s enhancements to the Customer Portal allows the user to:

  • Set default payment methods
  • Add new payment methods
  • Pay invoices
  • Consolidate multiple invoices into one payment
  • View open contracts and modify the payment method

Customer self-service payment processing will be available in the Customer Portal in Q4 2020

Accounts Receivable Collections

Customer Collections

The Customer Collections field displays a consolidated view of customer information relevant to collecting payments, making it easy to manage the accounts receivable process and improve cash flow. Advanced Payments automatically tracks invoice aging, disputes, and recent payments to save time and provide faster, more accurate reports.

Promises to Pay

Manage overdue invoices and disputes with promises to pay. A color-coded dashboard displays information for easy monitoring. Includes an option to exclude Promise to Pay from the Aged Past Due report for a more accurate analysis.

Advanced Revenue Management

Advanced Payment is a module that is part of MaxQ’s Advanced Revenue Management (ARM), a subscription management suite. 

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