Advanced Forecasting

MaxQ’s Advanced Forecasting module is an excellent foundation for a successful supply chain planning strategy. Used as part of our Demand Planning solution or on its own, the module adds many collaborative features including several import and export options for the forecasting process.

Organize your forecasting information so it can be used more effectively for planning and analysis. Forecasts can be received or sent to customers, sales reps, or product planners. In addition, you can send your expected purchase forecasts to your vendors. Formats supported include EDI, Excel and delimited text files.


Features and Functionality

  • Superior Processes

    By increasing your ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand you are able to deliver the highest level of customer service
  • Greater Optimization

    The forecast inquiry screen allows you to build pivot table reports very easily
  • Seamless Integration

    If you are receiving forecasts or planning schedules from EDI trading partners, our EDI integration makes this information transfer smooth and simple
  • Reduced Costs

    Accurate forecasts allows you to reduce capital expenditure in inventory and lower inventory management and warehousing costs
  • Increased Efficiency

    Increased Efficiency. Easy to use allows for immediate reaction to demand and supply changes.
  • Valuable Analysis

    If you model forecasts in Excel, our Excel Forecast wizard allows forecast data from Excel to be easily imported into Advanced Forecasting for even greater efficiency