Advanced Billing

A complete, automated revenue management
system designed to handle all billing needs

What is Advanced Billing?

MaxQ’s Advanced Billing is a complete, automated revenue management system designed to handle even the most complex billing and subscription needs. Make billing simple with a system that supports you through the entire subscription lifecycle. Improve your cash flow, billing accuracy, and customer satisfaction while spending less time on billing and more on growing your company.

Features for Maximum Performance

Powerful billing capabilities gives you options to:

  • Create your choice of contract type such as one-time, recurring, term and perpetual contracts
  • Include any combination of usage-based tangible or intangible items, as well as trials, deposits, pre-bills, post bills, and bundles
  • Generate billing by customer, contract date ranges, projects, or contract classes
  • Create invoice schedules to process invoices daily, monthly, bi-monthly or with user-defined calendar
  • Apply system or customized pricing rules and models

Advanced Billing pricing options allows:

  • Complex multi-tier pricing
  • Customer price classes
  • Promotions with effective date pricing.
  • Bundle pricing, including unlimited combinations of one-time, recurring and usage-based pricing
  • Set multi-dimensional pricing and billing rules

With flexible contract management you can:

  • Create contracts with flexible options for defining frequency and duration
  • Automatically generate accounts receivable (AR) invoices or order management documents when contract is created
  • Use templates to quickly create recurring billing contracts
  • Mix non-stock and stock items on a single contract schedule
  • Allow different billing periods on the same contract—have some bill annually, some quarterly, and some monthly
  • Manage contract add-ons with proration, one-time charges, changes, and price adjustments with a complete audit trail

Designed for both one-time and recurring billing, renewals are made easy, allowing you to:

  • Reduce time spent on renewals while increasing renewal rates.
  • Set contract to renew automatically or manually
  • Renew with a different price or duration than the previous contract
  • Define the renewal price based on percent change from previous year
    Set on the line item whether a component is to be renewed and at what price
  • Easily exclude one-time fees
    Trace renewals to the original contract, calculate renewal percentages (churn), and include non-renewal reason codes and statistics
  • Upsell, cross-sell, add on, rewrite, and renew anytime

Key Benefits

Advanced Billing allows you to:

Quick Contracts

On-board a new customer from one easy-to-use form:

  • Create a new customer
  • Create address
  • Create customer payments types
  • Explode bundles
  • Create contracts
  • Create invoices

Advanced Revenue Management

Advanced Billing is a module that is part of MaxQ’s Advanced Revenue Management (ARM), a subscription management suite. 

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