Advanced Billing

A complete automated revenue management system designed to handle even the most complex billing needs.


Powerful Billing

Automated accurate, flexible billing that speeds your payment collection while keeping your customers happy.

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Contract Management

Simple to maintain while supporting even the most complex customer relationship.

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Renewal Processing

Reduce time spent on renewals while increasing renewal rates.

Powerful Billing

ARM’s Advanced Recurring Billing is the most flexible and powerful billing system available, including automated invoice creation, proration, metered billing, and more. Renewals can be handled automatically or manually by contract, and many different renewal methods can be set for pricing.

The system handles billing for one-time (nonrecurring revenue) billing, reccurring (subscription) billing, metered billing of any usage based tangible or intangle items, as well as trials, pre-bill, post-bill, and bundles.


A user-friendly interface gives you the ability to upsell, cross-sell, add on, rewrite, and renew agreements with speed and ease. Flexible rules let you rewrite the contract and easily change virtually any aspect of the agreement.


The system supports multiple payment processors, including the ability to create your own processor interface. It will transmit auto retries and can handle single or multi-company collection.

Contract Management

Your Choice of Contract Types, Including:

  • Term
  • Perpetual (bill until cancelled)
  • Any combination usage-based tangible and intangible items (hours, warranties, licenses, SAAS, maintenance) items.
  • Trials, deposits, pre-bill, post-bill, bundles

Powerful Pricing Options Include:

  • Complex multi-tier pricing
  • Customer price classes
  • Promotions with effective date pricing
  • Unlimited combinations of one-time, recurring, and usage-based pricing



Renewal Processing

Automatic Contracts | Manual Contracts


  • Trace renewals to the original contract
  • Calculate renewal percentages
  • Non-renewal reason codes and statistics

Flexible Renewal Pricing

  • Contract price
  • Renewal price
  • Percent change
  • Multi-element changes
  • Renewal terms

Advanced Revenue Management

Advanced Revenue Management from MaxQ Technologies is a powerful billing, collection, and revenue recognition solution that will help you maximize your business’s efficiency.