Advanced Analytics

Visualize data with predefined or custom dashboards
to surface insights and optimize decision making

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What is Advanced Analytics?

Power BI is enabling businesses to access analytics that were previously too complex or expensive for most businesses. MaxQ’s Advanced Analytics employs this power to provide valuable data visualizations to help businesses take informed action to grow and improve.

Advanced Analytics enables you to uncover actionable insights, including:

  • Multiple views of churn analysis
  • Monthly and annual recurring revenue broken down by categories such as new, continuing, upsell, contracting, ending, and one time
  • Future billings and revenue projections based on retention experience and marketing growth rates
  • Average contract values
  • Lost customer and product analyses

Key Benefits

Advanced Analytics allows you to:

Automated Report Generation and Revenue Forecasts

  • Set parameters by contract class or other terms for analysis
  • Perform automated historical comparisons by quarter, month, year over year, or other configurable selections
  • Perform renewal forecasts based on historical retention rates
  • Automated views of the number of completed renewals, renewals due, and past due

Advanced Revenue Management

The Advanced Analytics module is part of MaxQ’s Advanced Revenue Management (ARM), a subscription management suite. 

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