Accellos One Warehouse Link

Integrates Accellos One Warehouse to Microsoft Dynamics SL

Accellos One Warehouse Link for Microsoft Dynamics SL enables you to integrate the powerful distribution features of your Microsoft Dynamics SL system with the Accellos One Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The Accellos One Warehouse Link for Microsoft Dynamics SL sends order information directly to the Accellos One Warehouse system.  Updates for shipping, receiving, transferring are then automatically sent back to Microsoft Dynamics SL from Accellos One Warehouse, enabling you to have complete order management visibility and updated product availability within Microsoft Dynamics SL.


MaxQ is an authorized reseller of the Accellos One Warehouse Management System for Microsoft Dynamics SL providing you with a single vendor that can implement a completely integrated warehouse management system for  Microsoft Dynamics SL quickly with greater cost savings.

Using the MaxQ Accellos One Warehouse Link

  • All necessary Microsoft Dynamics SL information is forwarded to Accellos One Warehouse in real time, eliminating double entry

  • Sales Order Shippers are handed off to Accellos One Warehouse for fulfillment using order steps – utilizing the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics SL Process Manager to leave you in total control of the order management workflow

  • As shippers are confirmed in Accellos One Warehouse, packing, freight, and tracking information is forwarded back to Dynamics SL for invoicing

  • Handles EDI and ASN requirements via integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL’s eCommerce Gateway and Advanced Shipment Management modules

  • Purchase Orders from Microsoft Dynamics SL are also visible to Accellos One Warehouse tor streamline the receiving process

  • PO receipt information is forwarded back to Microsoft Dynamics SL for inventory update and automatic AP vouchering

  • Inventory transfers, stock counts, and adjustments from Accellos One Warehouse are updated in Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Light Manufacturing and Kitting are integrated to the Accellos One WMS which includes removal of component stock used in the Kitting operation


Features and Functionality

  • Seamless integration reduces installation and training costs

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL transactions are updated in real time as goods are put-away, picked, moved and counted in Accellos One Warehouse, ensuring Microsoft Dynamics SL reporting is as current as the most recent bar code read in Accellos One Warehouse

  • Single point for data entry eliminates re-keying data to/from the Accellos Warehouse Management System

  • Streamlines operations and reduces errors improving shipment accuracy and customer satisfaction

  • Enables bar-coding capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics SL from simple data collection to sophisticated automation