Automate the processes of building kits and managing components. MaxQ’s Auto Kitting module allows you to completely manage your inventory kitting needs. As sales orders are entered, kits can be setup to automatically be created and received into inventory as needed, allowing the shipper (pick ticket) to be created as expected. Component shortages are analyzed and reported on, given you complete control of the shortage process. As components are received the appropriate kits will automatically create. A kit component shortage report can be run at any time detailing any kits that are short inventory.


  • Automatic creation and receiving of kits required by a sales order

  • Analyze component inventory optionally hold orders that have kits that are short components

  • Automatically build kits as component inventory is received

  • Pick ticket (shipper) can optionally be printed with kit components details



  • Build kits as they are ordered

  • Inventory of kits and components are much more accurate

  • Shortens time needed to ship, no longer wait for manual kits to be assembled before shipper can be created.

  • Reduce inventory, better manage components

  • System continually manages components and releases kit assemblies when appropriate

  • Easy to use, flexible and efficient

Auto Kitting Process

Auto Kitting Flowmap