The Craft Cannabis Market: What’s it All About?

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Not long ago, marijuana was considered a dangerous drug. Things have since changed, with more people realizing its immense therapeutic and recreational benefits. With marijuana’s increasing legalization and mainstreaming, craft cannabis has become equally popular.  As the name implies, craft cannabis implies producing the plant in small but high-quality batches. Growers also utilize minimum resources, making this production more environmentally friendly.

Where Does it Fit into the Emerging Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry has gradually shifted its focus to sustainability and quality control. Arguably, these are critical priorities for artisanal growers. In terms of quality control, craft cannabis growers typically run small operations, which ensures consistency and greater control over their production.  In addition, craft cannabis cultivation emphasizes sustainable practices, so growers don’t need considerable water and electricity supply to thrive. The same cannot be said of conventional cultivation methods. Therefore, craft cannabis growers will be critical in a market inching towards greater sustainability and quality control.

Compliance Challenges for Craft Cannabis Companies

Since craft cannabis growers generally undertake small-scale and unregulated cultivation, compliance with industry regulations presents a significant challenge. For instance, the laws vary from state to state. Furthermore, weed is still illegal at the federal level.  The seed-to-sale regulations in different states also vary and change regularly. Artisanal marijuana growers often struggle to keep up with the dynamic regulatory environment and comply with the necessary laws.

What is The Future of the Craft Cannabis Industry?

According to a Global Business Accelerator report, the craft cannabis market will experience steady growth in the coming years. Key drivers for this growth include tech advancements and growing environmental awareness. For this reason, producers must focus on product innovation, strategic collaboration with other industry players, and geographical expansion to stay competitive.

Prepare Your Craft Cannabis Business for the Future

As a craft cannabis cultivator, you can only survive the cutthroat competition by leveraging solutions that optimize profitability from seed to sale. MaxQ Cannabis is one such solution. The all-inclusive CRM, ERP, accounting, and manufacturing solution is designed to streamline your production and distribution processes for optimal profitability. Request a demo to learn more. 

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