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New ERP functionality often appears first as cloud applications, not on-premises, as businesses embrace a multi-cloud world of integrated capabilities. Drivers include but are not limited to business agility and mobility to access and analyze massive data sets in near real-time across multiple systems from any device.

Another driver behind this digital transformation is the ability to scale and grow, allowing businesses to quickly and easily scale as their businesses grow and evolve.  Finally, a modern, customizable ERP system allows businesses to interact, buy, transact, and receive on an ERP system tailored to their business anywhere in the world.

Cloud is the default model enabling the foundation of the future. 

The benefits and drivers of cloud adoption include additional revenue, improved innovation (enablement of Internet of Things), resulting in reduced costs.  Additional drivers behind a cloud-based ERP solution are infrastructure cost savings, risk mitigation, increased employee productivity and improved agility.

Top business and IT-related drivers in cloud adoption include but are not limited to:

  • Improve IT productivity / redeploy personnel
  • Improve business agility
  • Simplify / standardize IT
  • Improve time to market
  • Expand into new markets
  • Reduce total IT budget
  • Improve resource utilization

Cloud ERP Answers the Call

Small and medium-sized growing businesses must be efficient, scale quickly, and have real-time visibility into operations, which requires an adaptable platform.  A Cloud ERP solution will make an organization more flexible and agile and can typically be more quickly implemented and utilized than a traditional ERP deployment. 

In addition, a cloud ERP system will be easier to integrate to home grown and other systems.  An adaptable cloud platform sets the foundation for future ERP implementations across multiple business units and can more readily manages complex business scenarios with a cloud of intelligent applications.

ERP Starts with Cloud

In an increasingly digital world, cloud ERP will run tomorrow’s businesses by helping companies focus on their “secret sauce” because their ERP will scale and grow at the speed they need with flexible deployment and licensing models. In addition, they will be able to innovate and integrate faster in a multi-cloud world and build their business, not lines of code.

Enable Remote Workforce

Part of a Digital Transformation requires being able to support a remote workforce, not just field employees.  Businesses need to supply their users the ability to engage via a web browser on any device for all applications including those that previously resided within their four walls.

Staying connected in real time and having access to the latest information is an important step towards a Digital Transformation.   Also, the mobile component will allow the user to leverage unique capabilities, such as camera or fingerprint readers through their mobile devices.   

Customer Self Service

A critical move towards a digital transformation for just about any organization is providing customers with a self-service tool via a web portal.   Giving customers access to their information including contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more let’s companies communicate with customers and work more efficiently. Applications, such as CRM and Sales Order Management, provide helpful tools to allow your customers to see all the relevant information about their interactions and perform account-related activities online including submitting payments anytime, anywhere. You can also reduce customer support questions by providing anytime access to your knowledge base and document sharing.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Both availability and disaster recovery rely on some best practices, such as monitoring for failures, deploying to multiple locations, and automatic failover.  Deploying ERP in the cloud makes it easier to ensure that a company’s programs and data are secure and accessible in the case of a system disruption.  


One of the key requirements to succeed in today’s digital world and stay adaptable to change is to plan for a Digital Transformation.  As a starting measure a Cloud based ERP solution will set your organization on the right path.Contact us today to schedule a demo. Or connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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