Twitter Breaks Ground as First Major Social Media Platform to Allow Cannabis Advertising

You are currently viewing Twitter Breaks Ground as First Major Social Media Platform to Allow Cannabis Advertising

Twitter recently announced that it would allow cannabis ads for B2B and B2C companies starting from February 15, 2023. This shift makes it the first major social media platform to do so and marks a significant turning point for the cannabis industry.  The company eased its cannabis ads policy in specific U.S. states to provide more opportunities for responsible cannabis marketing. Here’s what you should know about this game-changing development in the cannabis industry:

Why the Shift in Policy?

Twitter has long been known as one of the strictest social media platforms for cannabis advertising. On February 14, 2023, the company updated its policies to allow cannabis-related advertising. The main reason is that recreational cannabis is now legal for adults in over 21 U.S. states and other countries worldwide.

Twitter’s new policy enables licensed B2B and B2C cannabis businesses to promote their products and services to the right audience. This helps open up a massive opportunity for the cannabis industry and allows the platform to tap into a lucrative industry.

Will Other Major Social Media Platforms Follow Suit?

With Twitter’s recent move, other social media platforms will likely follow suit. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have a massive market share and have excluded the cannabis industry from their advertising platform. With Twitter’s decision, we expect other platforms to follow, especially as more countries legalize cannabis.

According to Statistics, the legal cannabis market will reach over $47.20 billion in revenue by the end of 2023. This makes it an attractive target for social media platforms looking to tap into a lucrative industry and expand their revenue streams. There may still be legal and regulatory hurdles that prevent them from doing so, especially in states where marijuana is still illegal.

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Advertising on Twitter?

Cannabis advertising on Twitter will still be highly regulated, and companies must comply with specific rules and regulations to promote their products. According to Twitter’s blog post, these regulations include:

  • Each advertiser must be licensed by the appropriate authorities and pre-authorized by Twitter.
  • Advertisers can only target users over the age of 21 in jurisdictions where they are licensed to promote cannabis products and services.
  • Every advertiser must understand and comply with all applicable rules, laws, advertising guidelines, and regulations before placing an ad on Twitter.
  • Cannabis advertisers cannot offer or promote the sale of cannabis. However, there are a few exceptions, like some topical CBD products that contain at least 0.3% THC.
  • Ads cannot depict cannabis use, people under the influence/using, or make efficacy, health, misleading or false claims.
  • Cannabis ads should not target or appeal to minors, meaning sales must be age-gated or verified.
  • Ads cannot encourage transport across state lines.
  • Ads cannot use pregnant women, celebrities, sportspersons, and characters as models or images that appeal to minors.

What Are Some Tips for Advertising on Twitter?

Following all the laws and displaying effective cannabis ads on Twitter is key to avoiding legal penalties and growing in the industry. Below are a few tips to help you create effective and compliant ads to achieve your Twitter advertising goals:

  • Know Your Audience – Use Twitter’s analytics tools to understand who your followers are, their interests, and what they engage with. Tailor your cannabis content accordingly for excellent results
  • Be Informative and Educative – Provide useful information about your cannabis brand, products, services, or industry trends. Prioritize educating your audience about the benefits of cannabis without making unsubstantiated claims, as that’s what Twitter wants.
  • Be Creative – Use eye-catching visuals, catchy headlines, hashtags, emojis, images, polls, videos, or live streams to capture attention and generate engagement. Remember not to use creative visuals that may appeal to minors, especially if you’re a B2C cannabis brand.
  • Be Respectful – Avoid using offensive language or imagery that may harm your reputation or violate Twitter’s policies. Respect your competitors and do not disparage them.
  • Give Instant Feedback – Monitor your mentions, replies, direct messages (DMs), comments, likes, retweets, quote tweets, and feedback. Respond promptly and politely to questions or complaints to enhance customer experience.

Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis Advertising Today

Twitter’s decision to relax its cannabis ad policy is a significant step forward for the cannabis industry. It opens up new opportunities for responsible cannabis marketing on major social media platforms. As a cannabis advertiser, familiarize yourself with the rules, regulations, and best practices for creating effective ads to avoid penalties.

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