6 Business Models to Pair with a Cannabis Lounge License

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With cannabis lounges opening up in multiple states, we are already seeing the first innovations in how these lounge licenses can be used. In Nevada, each dispensary brand can only have one lounge, so Planet 13 designed one gargantuan lounge in their downtown with the appearance of an entertainment venue. 

Currently, widespread laws don’t allow the sale of tobacco or alcohol in a cannabis lounge, but what about other business models you can pair with the license to sell single-serve cannabis on-site? There are, in fact, dozens of suddenly-possible cannabis business models within the bounds of on-site use inside a cannabis lounge. Here are some of the ways your independent lounge can meet the growing infused-industry demand.

1. Cannabis Lounge Restaurants

First and most apparent is the opening of cannabis restaurants. With a requirement to prepare edibles on-site, cannabis kitchens will already be a part of many lounges. Many brands will choose to add tables and provide a lunch and dinner service.

2. Lounge-Specific Product Lines

We also know that with the single-use requirement, specific products and packaging will be developed in order to serve in these locations. We strongly expect to see cannabis lounges and their grower/production partners designing lounge-specific brands that may only be available to enjoy in person.

These unique products may then become available in the attached dispensary if one exists.

3. Movie Showings & Cannabis Servings

Visual media and cannabis have always gone well together. Showing movies is a great way to create ongoing entertainment events in a relaxed cannabis lounge for the enjoyment of patrons. Pick some great cinematic selections (or historic movie junk for a casual ambiance) to make an evening of it. You can provide separate viewing areas or turn some venue evenings into movie nights with set showing times for guests who want to join for an entire movie.

4. Cannabis Arcade Complex

Cannabis also tends to increase the joy of arcade games and environments. Bring back the joy of nostalgia and cabinet arcade games with a cannabis arcade complex. Fill your lounge with ski-ball, air hockey, racing games, and target shooters. Hide chill-out spots throughout the venue. You can sell pizza and iced-down sodas alongside your infused edibles and one-bowl buds.

5. Napping Pod Rental

Good cannabis and a good meal often result in a truly excellent nap – which should be done in safety. Cannabis lounges might consider investing in a few nap-pods (a-la Capsule Hotels) where little nap compartments make a safe, private space to rest on good Indica. This is a great way to add an extra stream of revenue while also providing some of your customers a safe place to nap if they’re not ready to get home yet. 

6. Cloud-9 Spa Treatments with Topicals

Speaking of physical wellness and cannabis, topical spa treatments can also draw a crowd. Invite your guests to reach a pleasant and warm personal level with single-service cannabis, then enjoy a massage, sauna, facials, and other experiences that combine the benefits of cannabis topicals and spa treatments.

Right now, the potential for newly burgeoning cannabis lounges has yet to be realized. Your business could be the first to pioneer many of these possible models or try one as an additional revenue source to see how it works. Contact us today for more innovative cannabis news or technology solutions to boost your cannabis business management.

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