Going Green with Cannabis Fleet Management

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In the cannabis industry, we have had to develop specific fleets and delivery solutions in order to safely transport products from one facility to the next. Growers and processors both need reliable professional cannabis transportation, which is why many cannabis brands cultivate their own fleet of cargo vans and secure sedans to do the job.

However, managing a business fleet in the modern economy can be brutal. Not only are vehicle prices hitting a peak, but so are fuel prices. Right now, the best way to save on fleet resources is to go green – run a cleaner fleet by reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your use of renewable energy. You can also reduce your gas prices at the same time.

Natural Gas Cargo Vans

Natural gas is taking the cargo world by storm. As a popular fuel alternative, natural gas is must more affordable at the service station than gasoline is. Natural gas can power everything from large cargo trucks to efficient cargo vans. The cargo van is one of the most typical transport vehicles chosen by fleets of the cannabis industry. 

You can absolutely find a natural gas-powered cargo van to supply your cannabis fleet. You may soon have a line on a whole lot of CNG cargo vans for your fleet.

EV Charging Stations in the Parking Lot

Electric vehicles are an incredible addition to the green fleet initiative because they take no gas at all, let can still achieve the torque and maneuverability necessary for city driving. By providing EV charging in your parking lot, you can allow for both visitors with EVs stopping by during the day and the ability to switch to electric vehicles in your cannabis fleet. Both fully electric and hybrid EVs can now plugin at an installed EV charging station.

Advanced Route Optimization

Using fleet management software, you can significantly reduce the miles trekked by your fleet vehicles every day. Advanced route optimization software will have your team going over the most efficient routes and combining visitation routes so that no distance is driven and no streets are crossed unnecessarily. This reduces your use of fuel or power, reduces wear on your tires, and increases the speed at which your fleet makes their rounds. Advanced routing can ensure that appointments are hit on time and that bad traffic jams are automatically avoided.

Telematic Efficiency Tracking

Telematics are hooked directly to the vehicle’s own perception of its performance. Because all cars are computers now, it is possible to directly track and transmit what a car is going through. You can be aware of every hard brake or turn, of every high speed, and of your drivers who are always gentle and cautious. Use telematics to help optimize driver behavior and the assignments you hand out. Give rewards for good driving and stern advice for anything that resembles driving too hard on the vehicle and the mileage.

Lighten the Load

Make sure your fleet vehicles are not pointlessly weighed down with extra equipment in the back. If you don’t need it to make your rounds (or provide emergency supplies roadside) then remove the weight from each fleet vehicle. Lightening the load will reduce weight on the vehicle, along with its fuel-efficiency and acceleration speed.

Running a cannabis fleet can be a swift and efficient solution. With telematics tracking, automatic route optimization, and a renewable energy strategy to deal with the rising cost of fuel, your fleet will be in good shape to continue making essential internal industry deliveries. Contact us today to discover more practical and technology-driven solutions for your cannabis business.

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